The HIP is a partnership that aims to develop innovative solutions for the benefit of the horticulture and potato industries

Representing industry, this partnership develops its priorities and delivers projects through three workstreams:

1. Funding innovation

Navigating the funding landscape to increase innovative research and development Funders will work together to maximise the resources available to support research and knowledge exchange essential to the industry. Mechanisms will be devised to overcome constraints impeding the flow of knowledge and technology from basic science to the supply chain.

2. Growing science

The gateway to global science, scientists and technologists will work with businesses to understand the technical needs of the supply chain and identify the scientific opportunities offered by multi-disciplinary research. A strong and well-networked science and technology community will build on international connections to add value and impact.

3. Improving business

Identifying opportunities to grow UK horticulture. Businesses along the length of the industry supply chain from growers and retailers to manufacturers and food service  providers will identify opportunities for innovation. A collaborative platform will facilitate exploitation of
these opportunities and drive industry growth.